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Mobile Penryn Pricing Unveiled

Le 1 avril 2014, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0


X9000, T9500, T9300, T8300 and T8100 based on 45nm Penryn which is partof the Santa Rosa Refresh line-up will launch in Jan '08

Mobile Payment Made Easy with hybris

Le 1 avril 2014, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0

There is no doubt mobile payment is going to be a commonplace in the near future and hybris is one such company is well positioned to ride the wave. hybris supports telcos with its holistic mobile commerce software and delivers an end to end experience to the users. A large part of the experience is definitely through the usage of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology where users can make payment with their mobile devices with just a touch. According to Gartner, 50% of smartphones will have NFC capability by 2015. Not just smartphones, Intel Haswell based PCs (AIOs, Ultrabooks, Laptops) will get NFC next year and Windows 8 will allow easy wireless pairing. This means, NFC adoption will kick into full speed in 2013 and mobile payment is about to get really big.CommunicAsia 2012 is definitely one place to check out this exciting technology and hybris booth is one of which you can learn more.Press ReleaseAt CommunicAsia 2012, hybris, a leading provider of multichannel commerce and communication software, will share best practice tips about how telecommunicationcompanies can embrace ecommerce to improve customer service, keep customers for longer and gain a competitive edge.hybris reported that Hutchison 3G (Three), part of Hutchison Whampoa, a leading international corporation with businesses spanning the globe having built the largest 3G network in the UK, has dealt with these issues and announced it is using hybris Commerce solution to support its online phone store.“hybris Commerce will help Hutchison 3G (Three) who are focused on bringing the benefits of the internet to mobile communications, handle customer service and the distribution of phones, providing the company with a comprehensive multichannel solution for its UK phone sales, improving the online customer buying experience,” explains Moritz Zimmerman, CTO, hybris.Working with BAE Systems Detica, Hutchison 3G’s (Three) online Systems Integrator, hybris Commerce was selected as the preferred multichannel solution to meet its requirements.At CommunicAsia 2012, hybris will provide insight into the e-commerce challenges that are unique to the Asian telecommunications industry. When investigating e-commerce solutions the company will provide recommendations around the following:How mobile is changing the game.How the customer purchase journey transitions across multiple channel touch points and why it is increasingly starting with websites.Why it is important for operators to strengthen the customer relationship and enrich the customer experience and the opportunities they have to do so.Best practices in multichannel customer commerce.Hybris executives will lead and participate in a range of sessions covering strategies, solutions and best practices. Sessions at CommunicAsia will include:Boost Customer Retention and ARPU via the Online ChannelHow delivering a better customer experience and leveraging the customer relationship is a key driver of sales and ARPU.The Future of Shopping – ‘Telco Commerce Anywhere Showcase’The Telco Commerce Anywhere Showcase combines multichannel thought leadership with the emerging technology of near field computing (NFC).NFC will transform the way consumers use their mobile phones to interact with their environment, change the customer experience and help shape future purchasing behaviour.

In addition, at booth 5E4-01 on Level 5, hybris will showcase solutions from its portfolio that help Telcos enhance the customer experience, manage product catalogs, lower support costs and drive sales and ARPU. The Hutchison 3G (Three) case study about how hybris has supported its online phone store and improved customer service will also be highlighted.

Mobile In Style 7-inch eden TAB to retail in Japan on 25 February

Le 1 avril 2014, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0


Japanese consumers looking for a new 7-inch Android tablet can check out Mobile In Styles eden TAB ET-701 this weekend. The Android tablet is equipped with Samsung S5PC210 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB memory, 16GB storage, 7-inch LCD display (1280×800 WXGA resolution) and runs Google Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS. According to the company, update to Android 4.0 is in the works. The eden TAB differs from regular Android tablets as Google does not officially endorse it, and therefore you must install from the standalone Tapnow Market provided by the associated company, Accessport. Ad revenue from bundled content and apps are used to push the price of the tablet down.

The eden TAB ET-701 will retail in stores in Japan on 25 February at 29,800 yen (approximately US$375).


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